Welcome 2019!

The first week of school after the holiday break is a joyous experience for teachers. Well, at least it is for me!  As much as I dread the early mornings and long hours, it is always fun to get back to the classroom and see my students.  It is the beginning of a new year and time to focus on using all the tools we have been learning about throughout the start of the year.  The students are more independent, they know the routines, and I always feel like this is such a productive time of year.  We are passed Halloween, Thanksgiving, and the excitement of Christmas and we can focus on learning.

With that in mind I decided to set up some School  Year’s Resolutions for myself and post them here as I way to hold myself accountable.

2019 School Year’s Resolutions

Starting Blogging –

I am way behind the curve here, but my goal is to blog twice a month.  I want to keep it short and sweet, but my students work so hard and I want a place to display their work and mine.  This will be like my personal portfolio.  See, I’m already here blogging.  Check!


Learn and use a new technology –

I am currently getting my master’s degree in education with a focus on literacy and I want to make an effort to use more of the technologies we have discussed with my students this year.  I want to attempt to use iMovie more than just for book trailers, create and use Q-codes, and teach my students to use PowToon to create short movies about their school projects.  In addition, I want them to digitally journal or blog and receive feedback from one another.  If anyone has suggestions please feel free to email me.  learningwithmrsc14@gmail.com


Time for ME! –

This was not an easy summer.  I had a child who needed major surgery and a downstairs shower that leaked and needed to be gutted and replaced.  I didn’t get a lot of “me time” this summer and I am going to need to be better at making time to take care of myself this coming year.   This includes asking for help when I need it and being okay with saying no when I am overwhelmed.


Stay positive –

Towards the end of last year I felt like Eeyore.  I constantly saw the glass as half-full and struggled to see if I was making a difference.  It can be hard in a year like 2nd grade when you don’t see the dramatic differences one might see in kindergarten and 1st grade.  This last year, my students made growth, but I was so focused on two or three of my struggling students that I don’t know that I served the entire group as well as I should have.  The stress of my daughter’s surgery and life in general got me down from time to time.  This year I need to find a way to keep a positive attitude I have at the beginning of the year and focus on all the good around us everyday.

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