September 2018 – This year we are going to work with our parents, community, and onsite preschool to build a reading pollinator garden at the preschool.  Currently the garden area of the preschool is a sadly just a lot of dirt.  We are hoping to learn all about the best plants to put in our garden and teach the preschoolers how to care for the garden in the future.

This year our goal is to focus on the right side of the garden.  Each 2nd grade class will research, design, and build and planter box for local pollinators.  They will create either a book or slideshow to share with the preschoolers about how to care for the garden. The students will also design kindness rocks to go into the garden to remind the preschools to be kind and make good choices.


Field trip to Alta Vista Gardens – October 2018

We visited our local garden and learned about the different gardens in our area.  We learned about the types of plants that our indigenous to our habitat and how to attract local pollinators like butterflies and hummingbirds.  The students learned the best way to plant in our area and how to keep seedlings alive.