If you are wondering how to help build literacy skills at home you aren’t alone.   First, literacy is not just reading, it is reading, writing, speaking, and listening.  Help your child get ready for kindergarten by teaching them basic literacy skills.  You are your child’s first teacher and what you do at home will build a foundation for their academic career.  Here are a few suggestions and ideas along with some great websites that offer additional tips and games.  


Picture Walk

Before you begin a story look through the illustrations with your child and discuss what they see and what the story might be about.

Read Aloud

Read with your child often. While reading ask the child to name characters, the setting, and discuss the story problem and possible solutions.  Encourage your child to pick books they are interested in and spark their imagination.

Make Connections

While you are reading encourage your child to find ways the story connects to their life or other books they have read. For example, if you are reading about the beach, talk about a time they have visited the beach.

Promote Writing

Writing is an important part of literacy. Introduce your child to pencils, crayons, and paper. Encourage them to write their name or short notes.  Practice writing their name.  Help them to draw pictures of family, friends, and animals.

Story Telling

Have your child tell you a bedtime story about their day.


Literacy Games:


Where ever you are with your child, take a few minutes and find an object and see i f they can “spy” the rhyming word.
Example – While in a parking lot say to your child, “I spy a word that rhymes with far.”  Keep challenging your child as
their rhyming becomes better with longer more difficult words.


This is a new spin on the old memory game. Create a deck of sight words using index cards. Start with the first five or ten
and make two of each word. After you make the cards flip them over and you and your child take turns flipping them over and looking for matches.


Here are some educational websites that offer fun games you can explore with your children at home.

Scholastic –



Reading Rockets –


PBS Parents –


This Reading Mama




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